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Apple computers are known for its technology and the speed of working and when we talk about Apple Mac, it’s incomparable with any other computer in the world. Some time even Apple Mac users face few issues on Apple Mac computers. We are discussing an issue over here where users have complained about Apple Mac that it is running slow. There might be few reasons behind the slow working of Apple Mac computer and we are explaining all those reasons over here. We are providing the solution for the issue we mentioned over here with step by step. Users are required to follow the steps to resolve the issues and even after that their issue remains unsolved they can call on Apple customer support number +1-800-468-9074 to resolve the issue.


We are explaining the process of solutions with step by step over here:

There are five reasons for Apple Mac’s slow working and we are discussing every reason with its solution.
Every Mac computers slow down with the age whether it is MacBook Pro or iMac, it doesn’t matter. This is not a serious issue; we have a solution for every reason to fix it up. We have the five best ways on how to make user’s Mac computer faster.

Method-1. User’s hard drive is full.

This could be the main reason why Mac is working slowly. If the hard drive is full of data and more than it should be then the most of the time Mac PC will slows down and users will face this issue.
Solution for the error: Clean up the hard drive.

Well, the solution is not that simple as it looks. Users have to clean up their drive complete which might be full with different kind of files. We have an option of Mac cleanup tool; it will clean up the entire Mac, it has the capacity to find which files requires cleanup process, and is quite safe in comparison to others. It can remove all unnecessary files, which can help users to speed up their Mac.

Method-2. Outdated OS X might be the reason.

It might be possible that the user’s Mac PC has outdated OS X. Mac’s OS X is awfully important to perform in a proper manner. If the version of OS X is slow then typically it will run slower and due to that Apple use to release new version of OS X’s almost every year to resolve this issue.

How to fix it: Update the OS X to new version.

If any users face an issue related to Mac OS X then we will recommend for the updating the OS X. it will boost up the speed of Mac Computer. It will automatically remove the junk files which makes the Mac very slow. By updating the new version Mac will work smoothly. To update users have to visit the Mac App Store and visit to for “macOS Sierra”. Install it enjoy the speed with performance.

3. Startup programs are slowing down Mac.

One of the reasons could be startup programs where users start the Mac, where lots of unused applications startup up in the background. These startup programs slow down the startup as well as they slow down the Mac PC too.

How to fix it: Manage the user’s Mac Startup Items.

Users have to give their Mac a clean start and make OS X run faster. If the users are unable to manage their Startup Items, then it can be a complex situation for all the users. Users have to lighten the load on their Mac.

To get a faster Mac startup users have to remove unnecessary apps. To do so users have to visit to the user’s System Preferences > Users & Groups, and then click on the username. Now it’s time to click on Login Items, after that they have to click on the name of an application user doesn't want to launch during startup, and then click on the symbol given over there "-" which is located below the list to the left; this process will remove the application from the startup list.

Method-4. Lots of programs running in the background!

When user’s Mac has too many programs running in the background, then it is impossible to for the Mac to handle simple tasks.

How to fix it: users have to end processes with Activity Monitor.

Task Manager can show the users what Application processes are using their system resources. Users have to end all that process that are taking too much processing power and which can lighten up the load on the Mac. Users have to open up their Applications folder and then click on utilities folder. Users can find the Activity Monitor over here, now they have to open it. They have to check out the list of apps and process that are running over there in Mac real-time.

5. Old hardware could be the reason

If the user’s hardware system is old then it will be difficult for them to work upon such kind of computer.

How to fix it: Upgrade your hardware.

It’s time to upgrading user’s hardware. Well, to resolve this issues users have to spend money a lot to change their hardware.

We have described the issues in quite details and users are required to follow the steps of process so that user’s Mac computer can work in a proper manner, if they face this same issue again then they can callus on Apple technical support number +1-800-468-9074.

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